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Video Demonstrations by Koichi Kashiwaya Sensei:

Kashiwaya Sensei has produced two new DVDs:

The Jo-Gi Basics DVD shows each motion (1-22) of Jo-Taigi #1 (Taigi #27) in detail. It covers the basic movements, provides instruction on teaching beginners, five principals of Jo, intermediate and advanced training and corrections for many common mistakes.

The Jo-Gi Dai-Ni Advanced DVD offers instruction for Jo-Taigi #2 (Taigi #28), advanced training instruction & practice tips. It covers the entire taigi with applications, and includes also pointers for instructing jo movement from both the nage and uke sides of the taigi.

The Jo-Gi DVDs are available as a 2-set for a reduced price.

Jo-Gi Basics (Jo Taigi)

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Kashiwaya Sensei is working on continuing this
weapon series with Bokken I, II , and more.

Also available:

Ki-Aikido Testing Criteria I
(5th Kyu through 2nd Kyu)

Ki-Aikido Testing Criteria II
(1st Kyu through Sandan)

Taigi: Arts of Ki (#1 to #29)

These are DVD versions of the videos that used to be available on tape. Now you can move through the recording with the DVD menu and view the parts you want to see. These are great videos: an instructional aid for students, a teaching aid for teachers and a great look at Ki Society technique for curious onlookers.

The DVDs will be available at your MKF dojos, please ask your Sensei.