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Last updated on  October 07, 2012




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Upcoming MKF & Ki Society deadlines for dojos and instructors ! (LOGIN)

Ki no Kenkyukai (Ki Society) H.Q. has changed their website address.
This is the official link:




New system for membership cards, ki and kyu rank certificates:
please see the
MKF Instructors section

MKF Membership Report Update is due November 1st.
Submit to Stan Haehl, see MKF-Dojo_Leads mailing list message.
Guidelines in the MKF Instructors section

A filing guideline document with new information is also available for download in the MKF Instructors section as well as the current templates for Canada and USA.
If you have questions concerning the new rank and membership filing, please contact me at

*) If you need assistance with the LOGIN, please contact the