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Kashiwaya Sensei's Teaching Schedule:
Updated July 08, 2014 

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Year 2014

August 14 to 15 - instructors
August 16 to 17 - public
Ki-Aikido National Seminar with Koichi Kashiwaya Sensei in Curitiba, Brazil
Saturday, September 27
  to Sunday, September 28
Sensei will teach at Lawrence Ki Society, Kansas
Friday, October 3
    to Sunday, October 5
Seminar with Kashiwaya Sensei at St. Louis Ki Society, MO
Friday, October 10
    to Saturday, October 11
Kashiwaya Sensei teaches at South Mountain Ki-Aikido, Maryland
Friday, November 14 to
       Sunday, November 16
Seminar at Genkikai Club of UChicago, Illinois
Friday, November 21 to
       Sunday, November 23
Kashiwaya Sensei visits Rocky Mountain Ki Society dojos
Friday, December 5 to
    Sunday, December 7
Sensei teaches at Houston Ki-Aikido, Texas

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Kashiwaya Sensei's Teaching Calendar

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